AUSTRALIA vs ENGLAND (ODI), January 12, 2014, 1st ODI
Match Status : Australia won by 6 wkts
Aus: 270/4 (45.4)
Batsmen R B 4s 6s SR
George Bailey 17 18 1 0 94.4
Glenn Maxwell 8 12 0 0 66.7
Eng: 269/7 (50.0 Ovs)
Bowlers O M R W ER
Tim Bresnan 9.4 0 56 1 5.8
Ben Stokes 10 0 64 1 6.4
RR : 5.91  
Last Wkt: Michael Clarke c Cook b Bresnan 43(42) - 247/4 in 41.6 ov.
Prev Ovs: . 1 1 1 1 1   |  1 . . 2 1 1   |  1 Wd 1 1 . L1 4   |  1 1 . 2
Commentary -
That's all we have from here today. Australia have gone 1-0 up in this 5-match ODI series. Will England fight back? To know the answer, join us back on January 17 for the next game to be played at Brisbane. Till then, goodbye and cheers....
Clarke: "Aaron Finch, very well played. We were a bit sloppy in the field. But our batsmen did a pretty good job to get the runs. Our momentum has come from the series we played in the UK. When we lost the Ashes there, we got the confidence to perform better after that. The boys have put in a lot of hard work and it makes my job easier. We are not looking too far ahead but this is a fantastic preparation for the World Cup. It is held here but for now our focus is fully on this series."
Cook: "Yeah it was disappointing, we were probably 20 runs short. If you bowl top of off, it was difficult to score. I think you got to get yourself in before you could do anything else and that's exactly what Finch and Warner did. We, on the other hand, lost wickets at regular intervals. Morgan and Ballance batted well, it would have been nice if they had doubled the stand. We had a couple of chances but we did not take them. I was impressed with Jordan and Ballance today. Of course you can, I mean it's ODI cricket and you can turn it around."
Finch: "It is always nice to get a good start to the series. It is a nice feeling. It is surprising to know that I am the first Victorian to get an ODI ton at the MCG. You need a bit of luck every now and then. But the wicket was good and we set a good platform. When you are batting with Davy Warner, it gives you a lot of confidence. He is a great guy. I know him for last the 15 years now and he took a lot of pressure off me. It never gets boring with him."
Aaron Finch is the Man of the Match for his knock of 121.
Warner and Finch put on 163 for the first wicket, which was Australia's highest opening stand against England. Finch got a wonderful ton, his first at home while Warner, who got a reprieve on 22, went on to register a well made fifty. Clarke hit some good shots and perished just when a few runs were required. In the end, Bailey and Maxwell took Australia home quite comfortably.
Different format but same result for the hosts. They have won this comfortably with over 4 overs to spare. They were decent with the ball putting pressue from the beginning but a late surge by England allowed the visitors to put up a competitive total on board. It looked like an intriguing contest was on the cards. But a strong batting performance by the Australians made this look pretty easy.
45.4 Bresnan to Maxwell, 2 runs, keeps it short this time, Maxwell gets on top of the bounce and pulls it to deep mid wicket to hit the winning runs
45.3 Bresnan to Maxwell, no run, very full and outside off, left alone by Maxwell
45.2 Bresnan to Bailey, 1 run, bangs very short on middle and off, Bailey pulls it nicely to deep mid wicket
45.1 Bresnan to Maxwell, 1 run, fullish on leg, Maxwell flicks it off the hips to fine leg
44.6 Stokes to Bailey, FOUR, Bailey wants to get this over with quickly. It was fuller on off this time, Bailey gets forward and lofts it to long off
44.5 Stokes to Maxwell, leg byes, 1 run, fullish on leg, the ball goes off the pads to square leg. The batsmen runs a quick single as Stokes races to stop the ball on the leg-side and almost collides with the batsman
44.4 Stokes to Maxwell, no run, a touch fuller on leg, Maxwell comes fown the track and swings but misses it
44.3 Stokes to Bailey, 1 run, short of length on the stumps, Bailey pulls again to deep square leg
44.2 Stokes to Maxwell, 1 run, short ball on middle, Maxwell is quick to swivel back and pulls it to deep mid wicket
44.2 Stokes to Maxwell, wide, short and straying down the leg-side, Maxwell misses the pull shot
44.1 Stokes to Bailey, 1 run, short of length delivery on middle and leg, Bailey pulls it to deep square leg
43.6 Bresnan to Bailey, 1 run, short ball on middle, Bailey gets back and looks to pull, gets a glove on it as the ball rolls towards backward square leg
43.5 Bresnan to Maxwell, 1 run, a touch fuller on middle and leg, Maxwell glances it to backward square leg
43.4 Bresnan to Maxwell, 2 runs, short ball again in the zone outside off, Maxwell upper cuts it to square third man
43.3 Bresnan to Maxwell, no run, short on off, Maxwell sways away from the line and lets it go
43.2 Bresnan to Maxwell, no run, length delivery wide of off, Maxwell swings wildly and misses it completely
43.1 Bresnan to Bailey, 1 run, short on middle, Bailey rocks back and pulls it to deep square leg
42.6 Stokes to Bailey, 1 run, fuller on off, Bailey comes on the front foot and drives it to mid off
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