INDIA vs SRI LANKA (ODI), June 1, 2013, 2nd Match
Match Status : India won by 5 wkts
Ind: 337/5 (49.0)
Batsmen R B 4s 6s SR
MS Dhoni 18 17 2 0 105.9
Dinesh Karthik 106 81 12 2 130.9
SL: 333/3 (50.0 Ovs)
Bowlers O M R W ER
Nuwan Kulasekara 9 0 56 0 6.2
Shaminda Eranga 9 0 60 2 6.7
RR : 6.88  
Last Wkt: Virat Kohli c Chandimal b Eranga 144(120) - 296/5 in 43.5 ov.
Prev Ovs: . . 1 1 4 .   |  1 1 1 2 2 .   |  4 . 1 . 1 1   |  1 4 . 1 2 4
Commentary -
That's about everything we have for you today. The 2nd of the ODIs between England and New Zealand is coming up tomorrow. Do join us for that. Cheers and goodbye until then
MS Dhoni: "We had already lost a few wickets so we couldn't retire anyone. Winning is a good habit. I think it was a very good learning for both Virat and Dinesh. They needed to learn not to leave too much for the middle order batsmen. I think the spinners bowled really well. The 2nd Powerplay was good. We finished well in the death overs. I think Dinesh Karthik can control the middle order very well. He can play spin very well. He just needs to get his thinking right like he did in this game. He's a good fielder as well. I'm hoping that he will do well whenever he gets the chance. We like to put runs on the board. I think we have batsmen to take advantage of the new rules. If we see off the first 10 overs, the middle order can put up that extra 15-20 runs."
Mathews: "We just wanted to give opportunity to most of the guys. It was not about winning or losing. The batting was a positive sign. We were a little rusty with the bowling and on the field. Spin is one of our strengths. Eranga was fantastic. Virat played brilliantly. He gets most of his 100s against us. He and Karthik batted superbly."
Both teams will be pleased about their batting performance in this match. Both set of bowlers struggled for any sort of impact on a flat deck. There were runs galore for the batsmen. At the end of the day, it was a good practise session which should keep them in good stead ahead of the tournament proper. Both teams have one more warm-up match remaining. India will take on Australia while Sri lanka take on West Indies. Stay tuned for the captain's comments..
48.6 Eranga to Dinesh Karthik, FOUR, India win! Nice way to finish things off. This was pitched up and just outside off, Karthik gets forward, opens the face of the bat and drives it through point for a boundary
48.5 Eranga to Dinesh Karthik, 2 runs, fuller length delivery on the stumps, Karthik gets forward and drives it through the legs of his skipper. The fielder at long on comes across, puts in a slide and keeps them down to a brace
48.4 Eranga to Dhoni, 1 run, full and on the pads, whipped to deep mid-wicket for a single
48.3 Eranga to Dhoni, no run, low full toss from Eranga, Dhoni drives it to mid-off
48.2 Eranga to Dhoni, FOUR, Dhoni wants to finish it now! This was full and outside off, Dhoni gets forward and slugs it wide of mid-wicket for a boundary
48.1 Eranga to Dinesh Karthik, 1 run, 100 for DK! This was full and outside off, Karthik opens the face of the bat and runs it down towards third man for a single, raises his bat to the applause of the crowd
Shaminda Eranga [8.0-0-48-2] is back into the attack
47.6 Nuwan Kulasekara to Dinesh Karthik, 1 run, short of a length and just outside off, dabbed towards short third man for a single
47.5 Nuwan Kulasekara to Dhoni, 1 run, another low full toss from Kula, driven to long off for a single
47.4 Nuwan Kulasekara to Dhoni, no run, full and on the stumps, Dhoni drives it hard and straight to mid-off
47.3 Nuwan Kulasekara to Dinesh Karthik, 1 run, short of a length and just outside off, Karthik dabs it behind point for a single
47.2 Nuwan Kulasekara to Dinesh Karthik, no run, on a good length and just outside off, Karthik pushes at that, gets an inside edge that loops over the stumps
47.1 Nuwan Kulasekara to Dinesh Karthik, FOUR, fab shot! Nuwan Kulasekara drops one short and wide outside off, Karthik rocks back and cuts it to the right of point, the ball races away to the fence
46.6 Herath to Dhoni, no run, pushed through by Herath, Dhoni lunges forward in defence
46.5 Herath to Dhoni, 2 runs, tossed up and on middle, Dhoni was looking to go over cover, gets a thick inside edge wide of mid-wicket for a brace
46.4 Herath to Dhoni, 2 runs, quicker ball from Herath, almost beat Dhoni in the flight, he manages a thick outside edge towards short third man and scampers across for a quick single, the throw is poor and Dhoni gets back for the second run
46.3 Herath to Dinesh Karthik, 1 run, pushed through on the pads, worked in front of square on the onside for a single
46.2 Herath to Dhoni, 1 run, flighted and on middle, Dhoni steps down the track and nudges it behind square for a single
46.1 Herath to Dinesh Karthik, 1 run, tossed up and on off, Karthik skips down the track and drives it towards long off
45.6 Nuwan Kulasekara to Dhoni, no run, full and on middle, Dhoni drives it to cover
45.5 Nuwan Kulasekara to Dhoni, FOUR, nicely played by Dhoni, full toss from Kulasekara, Dhoni gets forward and drills it past mid-off for a boundary
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